Friday, August 20, 2010

The New Unexpurgated Version of Snow White

My Horse Pucky pals continue to give me literary food for thought, spiced up with magnitudes of wacky inspiration. Their posts are great! Because of their clever witticisms and sense of the absurd, I'm going to present a premise for a new unexpurgated version of Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs that will rival Wilhelm and Jacob Grimm. Thanks for the inspiration y'all.

Instead of the wicked Queen, who is really Snow White's stepmother, we'll have GRAMBO, the meanest grandmother this side of the Canadian Border. Grambo's seven dwarf pals will be NUTS, SURLY, SHIFTY, CANTANKEROUS, GLOOMY, LAZY, and POINTLESS.

 I'm not sure where I'm going to take this just yet, but I think a political parody using these characters as pivotal points for truth, justice, and the American way will be a good start. We can even use horse pucky as a weapon of choice. This can also extend into Canada. I mean, gee whiz, we can even go Gobal with this. Wow! I'm gettin' really excited here. So, whaddya'll think? Are all of you wild and wacky Horse Pucky pals in?


Randy Johnson said...

NUTS: “I’m in …this sounds like fun!”

SURLY: “Of course it does. Everything sounds like fun to you squirrel food.”

SHIFTY: “I’m in too! No, I’m out, er in. I’m in if Gloomy’s in ...maybe.

GLOOMY: “Aw jeeze, why do you gotta drag me into this?”

LAZY: Zzzzzzzzzzz……

POINTLESS: What does Unexpurgated mean?

CANTANKEROUS: It means the blonde jokes are back in.

NUTS: I told you this was gonna be fun.

Pam said...

Pointless: It means "uncensored", "as is", "pure", "what you see is what you get".

Cantankerous: Oh no! Not those blonde jokes. Be careful. There's a national group of woman out there called RAGING GRANNIES and some of them are blonde. They can get pretty nasty.

All of you dwarfs out there have a great weekend. Happy trails and watch out for the horse pucky both literally and metaphorically.