Tuesday, March 10, 2009

Horses Are My Bag

I've been around horses since I was eight years old. For those who don't get it, I'll tell you ...it's an addiction.

People who have known me for years understand it when I pull a tissue out of my pocket and hay falls out. For those who have just met me, I have to fill them in on my preoccupation with equines. They still don't get it, but that's okay.

Just to give you an example of what being a horseperson really means I'll site some examples:
  • I am totally grossed out when I find a human hair in my food or in the bathtub, but not bothered at all by horse hair on my clothes, in my hair, or on my dinner plate.
  • The back of my pickup truck looks like a rolling tack room complete with riding helmet, horse blankets, and hay cubes.
  • I say "whoa" when I apply the brakes to my pickup truck and pat the dashboard saying, "good girl".
  • I love pickup trucks.
  • The only time I go to the grocery store is when I run out of carrots and apples.
  • I have to dump shavings out of my shoes before going to marketing meetings.

You get the picture.

At least I own stock. The only problem is, my stock has eight legs. Horses are definitely my bag.


Emma said...

I'm a general critter person...I don't much care what kind of critter - dog, cat, horse, cow, whatever - and I feel exactly the same way about the hair.

I've often wondered how much PugPei hair I actually ingest in a year and whether I'll someday start coughing up hairballs.

Pam said...

Emma, if you start coughing up hairballs, I have a great merlot I'd like you to try.

Emma said...

I might have to see if I can cough one up...just for a good excuse for a nice Merlot. ;)

ian in hamburg said...

You're one lucky lady. We hope our daughter will keep up her passion for horses when she's older.

Pam said...

Ian, horses are very therapeutic from a spiritual, mental and physical standpoint. I've seen videos of your daughter riding and she's off to a good start.