Sunday, March 8, 2009

Horse Pucky Award of the Week #2

A-n-d...the horse pucky award of the week goes to ultatraditionalist bishop Richard Williamson who has said the Holocaust was exaggerated and that no Jews died in the Nazi gas chambers. What planet has he been on?! Even Vatican officials are among his many critics.

No wonder people are leaving the Catholic church in droves. Too bad, because there are many sensitive, caring clergy who have hearts rather than mortar at their core.

All you Roman potentates need to a get good dose of reality before we have nothing left of what the Church was originally intended to provide...spiritual direction.


ian in hamburg said...

I think what he said was what most denialist say: that the gas chambers didn't even exist. Go read up on his take on other matters, for example about Sept 11, 2001. He's in the same camp as those brain-addled conspiracy theorists.

Pam said...

Thanks for the feedback, Ian. I'll definitely read up on his other theoretical bloopers.