Tuesday, April 2, 2013

Buffalo Bills and the Taxpayer Blues

B is for the Buffalo Bills

For the past 50 years, the NY state government has used our tax dollars for social programs such a helping the poor and disabled. The Cuomo administration is now using our hard earned money for themselves. (Which, of course, they've always done, but the following is a little more blatant).

They now have a 12 seat luxury box at Ralph Wilson Stadium as part of a $130 million deal to keep the struggling Bills in New York state for at least another seven years. I was hoping we could pawn them off to some far region in Canada. "Them" meaning both our NY state politicians and the Buffalo Bills.

Once again, us plain, ordinary, everyday taxpayers get the royal boot up the butt in the form of more taxes. The only thing I can do to get even is to apply for the job of quarterback.

The Bills are looking for a new QB since they fired Fitzpatrick. I'd be a much better team player because I'm focused, cool under pressure, I've got a great throwing arm from lifting 75# hay bales every day, I can run fast, and I can get real mean when I think about where my tax dollars are going.

I figure if I get hurt the first game I'll never have to play again because my multi-million dollar contract will protect me for at least two years...until the state takes all my money.


Jennie said...

I understand completely. I hate when public officials spend money on stupid things then claim we don't have enough for schools and WIC.

Kern Windwraith said...

It's very generous of you to think of us up here in Canada, but I'm afraid we already have our own share of questionable politicians and sports teams, and I think we might all go a little wiggy if we have to take on yours too. :)

It's amazing what our elected officials think we want to subsidize, isn't it?

Anonymous said...

While I'm not a sports aficionado, I do enjoy a good blast at the establishment like the one you've made here. Nicely done.

I've stopped by to thank you for your kinds words on my blog. I've only just started blogging a few days ago when I signed up for this A to Z Challenge. So I'm learning a lot from my newly discovered fellow bloggers.

You made the sweetest and most thoughtful comments and they have not gone unappreciated. So happy you liked "Blush". And so very happy to know you.

Beth said...

Ditto to Jennie. Glad you're posting.