Wednesday, March 20, 2013

Horse Pucky Spring

Sad, but true, this is actually a garden.
I took a look at my garden today and it's just pathetic. It's 33 degrees outside with wind chills making the air feel more like 19 degrees.The ground's still semi-frozen with some green sprouts shooting up, but I think those sprouts are seriously thinking of going underground.

Currently, our landscape around here consists of drab brown, gray, and dull army green. Leafless branches on the trees add to the dreary rather than cheery surroundings. At least the patches of white snow nestled among the dried leaves is somewhat of a pick-me-up.

Welcome to Spring in upstate New York. I know it won't be long before the sun and the rich soil weaves it's magic, producing a bountiful garden of flowers. It's time for me to help those future posies along with ample bushel baskets of horse pucky. My neighbors usually complain about the odor for at least a month, even after mulching, but they are rewarded with bouquets of homegrown flowers through the spring and summer months.

Happy first day of Spring!


lightly said...

33 degrees at my place and you can fry eggs on the pavement.
but i digress.
we are blessed by the rain gods so we don't get many visits from the snow gods, that's the joy of living on the pacific north west.

go west little man go west

Along These Lines ..... said...

Spring has sprung, and so will the green soon

Pamela Beers. said...

lightly, I'm ready to go to Key West to visit my daughter.

Nick, I sure hope so. Winter this time of year is annoying.

Jenny said...

I used to live in NE Ohio and this looks like many of my 'spring' gardens!

It'll be coming soon!

And then just think...radishes and lettuce and all kinds of yummy things!

Thanks for linking.