Friday, September 7, 2012

The Draconian GOP

After watching and really listening to both parties during their respective conventions, then reading several essays by Pulitzer prize winning authors along with articles by the Center on Budget and Policy Priorities, Analysis Center, Washington Post, and the New York Times, I've come away with the knowledge that the Republican party is draconian.

I honestly tried to be objective in order to make an intelligent decision about the 2012 presidential election. After hours of reading, viewing, and pondering I came to a decision. For me there is no contest. I'll be voting for Barrack Obama...again. Why? Because my life is a lot better since Barrack took office and I'll bet the farm that it'll get worse if Romney/Ryan are in the oval office. 

There are so many issues I could write about in this blog post as to why I'm voting Democrat, it would take pages and pages of health care propaganda facts, budget facts, social issues, women's rights issues, and retirement concerns, to name a few.

My biggest concern is for the disabled, our most vulnerable members of society. Currently Jon's son, Gregory is 49 years old and has advanced stage cerebral palsy. He's been in a wheel chair 95% of his live with no use of his lower limbs. He's unable to talk, walk, or go to the bathroom on his own. He is totally dependent on staff members in his residence home to bath him, toilet him, and feed him. Who pays for this? Our tax dollars in the form of medicaid and social security for Greg. And I don't mind my tax dollars going for the truly disadvantaged in our society.

Romney/Ryan said if they are elected the first thing they will do is sign a bill scrapping medicaid and social security. What about people like Greg and others like him? What's going to happen to them? Who's going to pay for their daily, 24/7 care and services they need?

It's time for people in this world to look at the whole picture, not just their own situation. Gregory had no control over the hand that was dealt him. This is the vulnerable segment of society that needs us and that is why I'm voting for a humanitarian President, not a draconian candidate.

Just call me The Horse Pucky Queen.



Along These Lines ..... said...
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Along These Lines ..... said...

Draconian is being too kind! Both parties are both an embarassment.

Anonymous said...

Just one party is the embarassment, Nick. The other is working to try to make things right for those who are vulnerable citizens.

It's tough job, being President of these United States. Maybe we should opt for a monarchy. Then I could be The Horse Pucky Queen.

Along These Lines ..... said...

OK, I'd like to be in your administration but am only qualified to be court jester.

Pamela Beers. said...

Hey Nick, being Court Jester would work just fine since I'd be The Horse Pucky Queen. YOUR HIRED!