Wednesday, August 29, 2012

Hitchin' A Ride

International Space Station
As I looked up in the western sky last night, my heart started to race. I couldn't believe what I saw. There it was, so low in the sky, I could almost hitch a ride. The ISS was beaming with red white and blue lights. It was an impressive object moving across the nightime sky among the stars and planets, but never to be outdone by the moon. 

The International Space Station was at it's lowest point of orbit in the upstate NY skyscape last evening. I was fascinated. After looking up some info on wikipedia, I discovered that the space station is divided into two sections; the Russian orbital section and the United States orbital section and is shared by many nations.

The ISS serves as a microgravity and space environment research lab where crew members conduct experiments in biology, human biology, physics, astronomy, meterology, and other fields.

My conclusion after reading about the ISS and it's possiblities:

1. The only way to get along is to go up in space and live in separate areas of a moving aircraft.
2. Get first-hand weather info by observing it yourself.
3. Learn to play golf in a non-gravity environment.
4. Conduct plant biology experiments using 100% pure, cured horse pucky.
5. Last, but not least, moon all your friends on earth.

I'm volunteering for the next ISS orbit. If the moon shines extra bright one night, it's me.

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