Monday, February 6, 2012

Meet Buzi

Meet Buzi (pronounced BOOjee). Buzi is the Polish word for "kiss". She's the newest addition to my family. I call her "Boo" for short.

Webster Veterinary Clinic (WVC) called me and and said that Buzi's previous owners abandoned her. They left her outside because they no longer wanted her. She had no food or water and lived under a porch for six months.

When neighbors discoverd her this winter, they fed her and gave her some shelter on their open porch, but she needed a warm, safe place to call home. The neighbors already had three cats who weren't very nice to Buzi, so they called a friend of theirs who happens to be a vet tech at WVC.

As soon as I got the call from the vet tech, I came and picked up Buzi from the clinic. She was vetted and declared healthy with all the appropriate shots and tests.

She's totally the opposite of Bear, who I had to euthanize six months ago. He was such a guy cat. She is such a princess. I'm very happy to have another cat. Bear will always and forever be missed. I truly believe he was instrumental, while living on the other side of the rainbow, in this cat being placed with me.

Look at her sweet face. How could anyone abandon her?! If I knew where they lived I'd dump a truckload of raw horse pucky in their driveway.

Buzi is as sweet as she looks and is very happy in her new home. She sleeps on a bed and not under a porch. She has unlimited amounts of food, fresh water. and most importantly she is loved. The princess has a forever home with me. 


itsmecissy said...

Are you sure it isn't "Boozy?"

Such a sweet & precious face. I wish you many, many cuddly years.

Anonymous said...

What a sweet little face! Pam, you did the right thing. She's going to be a real pal.

Pamela Beers. said...

itsme, since my last name is Beers, Boozy'd be a good name. It has a ring to it...Boozy Beers.

Except she's a Buzi 'cause she's so sweet. Thanks for the cuddly wishes.

Carla, as you know, I thought long and hard about getting another cat because of my attachment to Bear, but her sweet little face did me in as well as her story.

lightly said...

well you go girl, another cat gets a nice home.

cats just like people but nicer.

Pamela Beers. said...

Thanks, "lightly". Buzi will be part of our blogging family. There will be many future posts about her.

I love all of your support.

Randy Johnson said...

She looks spoiled already. Can't wait to read about the comical trouble she's bound to cause ;)

Pamela Beers. said...

Yes, Randy, she is spoiled already. In fact, I'm now her lady-in-waiting.

With Bear I went from lady-in-waiting to doorperson, to scullery maid. The longer time I spent with Bear the lower my demotion. I'm sure it'll happen with Buzi.

We'll have fun.

scotty said...

what a sweet face, and nice name too, boozy, like boss...


Christina said...

Buzi is beautiful! Thanks for stopping by Heartland's blog again. Cats and bunnies can mix rather well actually. Usually the bunny will boss the kitty around.

Pamela Beers. said...

Thanks for commenting, Christina. I love your bunny blog. AND, I didn't know cats and bunnies were a good mix. I learned something new.