Friday, February 3, 2012

Funky Socks

Funky Socks
It makes me happy to wear funky socks. Family and friends, who know this, buy me all sorts of socks for Christmas, birthdays, and for no other reason than to know it's my most favorite gift to receive. Socks have so many fun colors, patterns, and textures. With the new materials on the market, you can't go wrong with a cuddly pair of socks on your feet. Honestly, I'd rather get a frolicking-good-time pair of socks than a new Mercedes Benz.

Socks reflect the mood I'm in when I wear them, so there's no fooling anyone when people check out my feet to see the type of foot covering I'm sporting on any given day. Stay out of my way when I wear black socks!

I love those funky socks. My frame of mind is light-hearted 'cause I have a pair of the purple and blue striped ones on as I compose this post. Then again, it's Friday and I'm really looking forward to the weekend...socks or no socks.


Nick said...

I'm told I have funky socks, but not for their appearence

lightly said...

well i be damned, i wonder if the dealer will take back the Mercedes i was going to send you.

Barbara said...

Hey they all match! Not one sock missing. If you did have a missing sock I may have found it! I've got one without a mate!!

Pamela Beers. said...

Nick, could it be because of their...uh...odor?

Pamela Beers. said...

"lightly", you can send me the Mercedes for my birthday, which is the middle of April, along with a pair of matching socks. Thank you very much.

Barbara, it's truly amazing those socks all match. Usually one of them disappears into what's called "the Bermuda triangle of the laundry room. Sounds like you have the same problem.

itsmecissy said...

So Pam, I learned at my great-nephew's 2nd birthday party this past Saturday that the "latest thing" to do with socks - especially funky socks - is to wear them mismatched.

My 13 year old great-niece swears that this is what she and her friends do. My niece (her Mother) loves the idea cuz it saves her time with the laundry having to match and fold each pair. Now she just dumps the socks on the bed and Alyssa wears whatever two she pulls from her drawer.

Of course, I tried giving her Great-Auntie advice by telling her that if she and all her friends are doing it then it isn't unique. But like when I was that age and sewing embroidered guitar straps around the hems of all my jeans -like all my friends- I wasn't listening either.

LOVE the socks!

Pamela Beers. said...

itsme, I forgot about that! Yes, the tweens are wearing them mis-matched. What fun! Now I know what to do when one gets lost in the nether regions of the laundry room.

I love the embroidered guitar straps on the jean hems. I used to wear them as head bands. If the truth be known, sometimes I still do. Thanks for the memories and clothing ideas.