Monday, October 4, 2010

The Buffalo Pansies

Bring Jim Kelly an owner! The current owner of the Buffalo Bills, Ralph Wilson will be 92 on October 17th. It shows.

At least, management finally let Trent Edwards go. Thank goodness. Trent throws like a girl. (Sorry ladies.)  On a bad day, I can throw a football farther and faster than Trent and I'm old enough to be his grandmother.

It has been rumored that our neighbors across the big pond will be picking The Bills up for $2.98 plus tax. Get your passports ready, guys. Canada is waiting.

Maybe I should take over the Buffalo Bills. We'll call the team, The Buffalo Pansies or maybe they should be called The Buffalo Pansies now. Or...maybe we should just donate them to Canada. Whaddya think?


lightly said...

what did we do to offend you so badly, we already have the bc lions we don't need anymore crappy teams.

Randy Johnson said...

Darn! The Seattle Seahawks don't get to play Buffalo this year. Sounds like a game we could win!

Pam said...

lightly: I love Canada. Just think, you get the Buffalo Jills; a gorgeous group of talented, athletic cheerleaders. At least the Bills have something going for them.

Randy: These guys get paid millions. What is their problem?