Thursday, March 4, 2010

Grated Tomatoes

"Lightly", a regular reader of Horse Pucky, left a great recipe for a hot curry dish using chicken and all sorts of aromatic, flavorful, spices. The recipe can be found in the comments section of the Moisture or Oyster blog post dated February 25th.

His latest comment called for grated tomatoes. "How in the world do you grate a tomato?", I wondered. At first I thought he was full of horse pucky, but then I discovered there really is such a thing as grated tomatoes. In fact, it's quite an ingenious way to get rid of the seeds and the skin at the same time.

I've been cooking for eons, making my own sauce for pasta dishes, and never heard of grating a tomato. Now I will use this clever, easier way of getting rid of those pesky seeds and the skin at the same time. Or I may just throw the whole bloomin' tomato into the pot, skin and all, and hope for the best, depending on the frame of mind I'm in.

If you're totally turned on by learning how to grate tomatoes, just do a search for "grated tomatoes". The internet is full of all sorts of "How to Grate a Tomato" info, including videos. If I was really nice I would link the info here, but I don't feel like it because I'm getting ready to do some serious tomato grating.

Thanks "lightly", you always come up with something unique. How could I have ever doubted you?!

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