Thursday, July 23, 2009

Clean Underwear

Mothers always have wonderful pearls of wisdom that escape me after really thinking about them. My favorite one is, "Make sure you always wear clean underwear in case you get into an accident and have to go to the hospital."

Who cares about clean underwear when your body becomes road ravioli after a car accident. Maybe my mother was thinking about other hospital situations such as your water breaking upon going into labor, then you have no time for clean underwear. Or rolling around on the floor trying to pass a kidney stone, then you are in too much pain to pull a pair of underwear over one leg.

So much for those pearls of wisdom. At least I don't wear my undies inside out when they get dirty.


lightly said...

i always say "you have to go commando" , there are many reason for this
1) low cost
2) no need to reverse wear, nothing to get dirty
3) ventilation is important
4) in an accident the paramedics will really have something to tell there grandkids
5) when lust overrides common sense there is very little between you and happiness.

Pam Beers said...

lightly...the commando idea is great! I love all five reasons! You have a great sense of humpor!