Thursday, September 26, 2013


First of all I can't believe it's been over a month since I've posted anything. The the following paragraph.

Just a quick note, I had to make a quick trip to Florida to help with transitioning my 94 year old mother from her own home to a skilled nursing facility. It was a difficult choice for her to accept, but now she's in a safe place where I know she'll be well cared for with three good meals a day and 24/7 care. I've had to play "beat the clock" since I got back to upstate New York to get caught up with work responsibilities, animal care, and my own sanity.

Now for the "S" post: "SERIOUSLY?!"

I just bought a new, single brew, inexpensive coffeemaker complete with a small instructional pamphlet inserted inside the box. Personally, I like simple things like on and off buttons, which is why I purchased a basic "vanilla ice cream" kind of brewing device. I really didn't think reading the instructional pamphlet was necessary so I read the warning label out of curiosity.

I discovered these labels are for people who have the IQ of a turnip. Here are a few examples of Mr. Coffee's safeguards for use: (I am not making any of this up. Honestly!)

2. To protect against electric shock do not immerse the power cord, power plug or coffeemaker in water or any other liquid especially when plugged in.
3. Do not use coffeemaker outdoors.
4. Avoid contact with any moving parts.
5. Do not set a hot decanter on a cold surface.

Seriously?!  Are people really that dumb?

Which reminds me, I asked my gynecologist way back when I was on birth control pills, why he always had the pharmacist type "take orally" on the pill bottle.  He said that one of his patients actually inserted the pill vaginally and wondered why she got pregnant. Seriously?! So I guess that answers the "dumb" question.

Have a great week and happy trails. This post inspired by Jenny Matlock.


Splendid Little Stars said...

yep! There's quite a variety of minds out there!

storybeader said...

Wow! I can't believe that the patient didn't know to take the pill orally. She must have grown up/lived in an all man community! I hate setting the clock on those Mr. Coffee coffeemakers. {:-Deb

Randy Johnson said...

The people who write these safety instructions must think we're nincompoops! ;)

Pam Beers. said...

SLS: That's an understatement!

SB: Oral pill...unbelievable. That's why doctors have to be so very specific in their instructions. I don't like setting the clock either. Probably because I never read the directions and always have coffee in the middle of the day instead of first thing in the morning.

RJ: HA! Yes, I think they do.

Lmkazmierczak said...

Great post for the letter S♫ Thanks for stopping my my blog♥ Happy weekend!

Granny-Guru said...

When I was getting ready to take my first son home from the hospital, I asked the doctor when I could take the baby outside. "You're taking him home, aren't you?" he asked. Oh.

Valerie said...

Like you I can't think that people would do stupid things with their appliances. However, as we live in a suable society I guess manufacturers take extreme measures when outlining do's and don'ts.

deb @ frugal little bungalow said...

HA ha ha ! :) Well not too long ago I had to purchase a simple laser printer and when I opened it up there were instructions NOT TO EAT THE GEL PACK!

Yep..seriously :)

Personalized Sketches and Sentiments said...

Oh my goodness!!! :o) (regarding the birth control pills!) And besides all the safety (common sense directives)...I guess all that has to be put in writing, in the event someone wanted to sue the company.

(I also love Granny-Guru's story) :o)

I have come through with some great stories of my own, which has left my hubby shaking his head in wonder :o)

Blessings & Aloha!
& thank you for stopping by!!

Pondside said...

Seriously???? You just have to laugh!

EG CameraGirl said...

Wow! Your mom did well to stay in her own place until she was 94. But you are right that she's much safer now.

Funny post, Pam. Clearly, CLEAR instructions are needed. Seriously.

Pam Beers. said...

I forgot the gel pack! That's always good for a laugh.

Doctors have to protect themselves from getting sued all the time, so the birth control instructions are commonplace.

Good story Granny Guru.

itsmecissy said...

I went through the nursing home thing with my Mom too Pam, it's definitely not fun.

I remember once my Mom asking me to read the directions on a jar of eye cream. First line "Do not use on or near eyes." We both laughed until we cried. Seriously?