Thursday, October 25, 2012

Rhetorical Horse Pucky

If I hear one more negative campaign ad I'll SCREAM! How about some ideas as to how we're going to solve national issues, local problems, and global warfare instead of slamming political opponents?

I have a few ideas of my own:

NO MORE TAXES of any kind on anything. Also included in the "no more taxes of any kind on anything" are no more property assessments that far exceed the true value of our homes.

Think about how much money we'd save as well as money we'd have to spend on goods. The auto industry would perk up, the housing market would be revived, retail businesses would see a profit for a change, and I could put money in the bank instead of pay the government for stuff I don't want, need, or use including all this expensive campaigning.

No local taxes:

1. People can pay to send their children to school. Maybe they'd appreciate it if they had to pay for it.  Kids could work part time to help their parents regardless of child's age. It'd get the little rug rats away from the TV and the computer for awhile and get them some much needed exercise.

2. Individual home owners could hire private contractors to plow our roads and highways, creating more jobs instead of using the local towns and state D.O.T. to do it. You know the state D.O.T. Those guys who make $65/hour standing in the middle of the road holding a sign that reads "SLOW". Do I really need to pay state and local taxes so these guys can get paid to hold up a sign telling me I need to go slow when a three lane road is reduced to one lane? Puhleeeeze! At least have the courtesy to entertain me while I'm waiting for my turn to drive forward. Perhaps a little song and dance while holding the sign would be enjoyable.

National issues:

There wouldn't be any issues if we stopped paying taxes. No more politicians to pay. No more rhetorical horse pucky. No one telling me how much I owe the government on April 15th, no one telling me how to live my life, and no big perks for government officials from big business.

Global warfare:

There would be no warfare. I'd host a national "come-on-over" for dinner day once a month. All the nations would be represented... BYOB and a dish to pass. Think of all the great food and drink we'd enjoy. We could have camel rides, pony rides, and a pinata filled with candy for the kids. Maybe even a belly dancer or two for you gentlemen. I need to work out a location. Maybe somewhere in Adirondack State Park.

No more rhetorical horse pucky! Give me some positive, fun ideas.


Along These Lines ..... said...

Get ready to scream, then, the negative ads ain't going to stop

lightly said...

step 1 : put off the damn tv
step 2 : put off the computer
step 3 : since you reading this you may have skipped step 2
step 2 : go outside
step 3 : put down the mobile phone
step 4 : go to barn
step 5 : talk to horse
step 6 : feed horse
step 7 : follow your own advice
step 8 : i Canadian i don't care
step 9 : if you still reading at this point there is no hope for you.
step 10 : i out of here i hear a cow calling my name

Pamela Beers. said...

Screaming is what I've been doing lately, Nick. I have to agree with my Canandian pal, lightly. Turn off TV.

Lightly, I need to spend more time at the barn with my horses rather than listen to horses asses pontificating on their ability to be President of the USA.

Enough said.

P.S. You may want to consult a psychiatrist, lightly, if you are hearing cows calling your name.

Randy Johnson said...

Most Canadians I’ve talked to… I can’t believe I’m saying this with Lightly in the room… Um, most Canadians I’ve talked to know more about US history and civics than most US citizens do… Notice I didn’t say Americans… If you don’t know why, ask a Canadian… Now where was I? …Oh yeah, since Canadians are more knowledgeable about their southern neighbor than said neighbor is about itself, I suggest we let them start choosing our presidents for us. That way we can send our candidates up north every four years and let them campaign their way across the tundra. Genius huh? We won’t have to listen to campaign ads, or pay attention to the debates. The Canucks will be happy to do all of that for us, because let’s admit it, they’ll live next door to a better country if they get to pick who runs it… And we’ll all get universal health care! What could possibly go wrong?

Pamela Beers. said...

Watch out for lightly, Randy. You may have opened a hornet's nest.

I like your idea about Canada picking our President.

Maybe we should buy Canada or maybe somebody in Canada should buy the Buffalo Bills.

Better yet, maybe we should buy Mexico. Then we won't have to worry about immigration laws, border patrols, and illegal aliens. We'd be one happy USA family.

lightly said...

not one to point out the obvious mr randy but have you seen the idiots we voted into office.

Pam i have consulted a psychiatrist, he said i fine, he heard the cows call his name, well if your name is dr Moo Chin these things are expected.

Pamela Beers. said...

lightly, I think IDIOT is part of the resume for political office.

I hear Canadian politicians are short on brains and long on horse pucky.

Dr Moo Chin?! Seriously?! Groan. ;)

itsmecissy said...

Hi Pam,
Wondering how you're riding out Sandy? Just checking to see if you're OK. The news out here makes it sounds like the whole right coast has been washed into the Atlantic!

Heard from our friend bob lately?

Pamela Beers. said...

Thanks for your concern, itsme.

Sandy was typical windy, rainy fall weather here in upstate NY, but NY city is in shambles and the Jersey shore is a major disaster.

We are very fortunate here. My heart breaks for those on and along the shore line.

Haven't heard from Bob at all. Sent emails but no return...long before Sandy.

itsmecissy said...

Glad to hear you're safe. Heard from Bob. Everyone is doing OK but he says things are pretty bad: no power since Sunday, hoping to get hot water for bathing yesterday, etc. Sounds like a nightmare to me, wish there was something we could do...