Monday, July 11, 2011

Horse Pucky Advice: What do I say?

Dear Horse Pucky,

I was invited to an acquaintance's house for dinner, for the first time. When the food was served, I didn't care for the entree. Should I have been gracious and eaten it anyway or told the hostess I don't like squid even though I've never tried it before? I ended up feeding it to the family cat, under the dining room table when no one was looking. ~Don't Like Squid

Dear DLS,

I tried squid once and it tasted like rubber bands. It probably wasn't prepared correctly.

In your case, there are a couple of "firsts" here; first time at a new acquaintance's house, and first time for squid. I would have tried a very small portion of the entree. If you've never had it before, and your hostess cooked it properly, it may have been delicious and you would have added a new taste sensation to your repertoire.

If, on the other hand, the squid reminded you of the strings on an old banjo, I'd be honest with your hostess and tell her you just don't care for squid, but the rest of the meal is delicious. You certainly don't want her to fix squid again for you. You don't want to hurt her feelings either.

As for the cat; if the little fur ball likes squid, regardless of the texture, you may be on to a different kind of cat food flavor. Try calling Purina.  ~Horse Pucky


Theresa H Hall said...

Squid makes me feel like squirming in my chair. iI am not that adventurous, but in place of making yet another feline buddy (I love she was feeding the hostess's cat neath the table cloth), I would have politely declined.

When you suggested DLS check with Purina I was immediately smiling out loud!

Pamela Beers. said...

Theresa, I get a bit squirmy about squid too.

Some of these pet food companies are always looking for new ideas. And that ain't no horse pucky.

Randy Johnson said...

Whenever I’m served overcooked squid, I always try not to offend the hostess. At the first hint of over-doneness I usually squirt a cloud of ink all over the table, and in the confusion make a run for the door. I find that this method helps avoid what could otherwise turn into an uncomfortable situation.

Pamela Beers. said...

Now there's a thought, Randy. Running for door, under cover, is another way to avoid all sorts of unpleasantries.