Wednesday, June 22, 2011

Horse Pucky Advice: In-laws and Limburger Cheese

Dear Horse Pucky,

Usually I love summer, but my in-laws are visiting for two months and I'm dreading it. How do I deal with this? ~Disgruntled Daughter-in-law

Dear DD,

You can serve them Limburger cheese with Brussels sprouts for dinner. OR leave town and stay with YOUR family for two months. OR put fresh horse pucky in your garden, which is usually a guarantee your in-laws won't stick around for long. ~Horse Pucky

Have a great day, y'all. ~The Horse Pucky Queen


lightly said...

dear DD

you can make advances towards your father in law and your mother in law will have them out the house faster that you can say horse P..

Pamela Beers. said...

Hey, lightly, that's positively brilliant!