Monday, November 29, 2010

Fa-La-La-La-La,La-La,La OOPS!

Christmas carols were playing, there was a dusting of snow on the small patch of green grass in front of my townhouse, and Jon and I were putting up holiday decorations. Sounds lovely, huh?

The two wreaths, one on the front door and one on the back door, were a piece of cake to put up because we just used wreath hangers. Things got tricky when we started to hang the remaining two wreaths on the upstairs bedroom windows. 

First we removed the screens. We discovered wreath hangers don't fit over the bedroom windows. The next thing I did was grab my handy tackle box with the fishing line in it because fishing line is very strong  for hanging wreaths and it's invisible.

After a few attempts, Jon placed the first wreath exactly where I wanted it. Then I discovered it was about 3/4 of an inch off center. He moved it willingly. After about 35 tries, he wasn't so willing any more. In fact I was very leary standing in front of the open window.  

Fa-la-la-la-la turned into that other "F" word that is not exactly Christmas carol friendly. After several frustrating attempts, we finally found success, looked at one another and burst out laughing. The townhouse looks festive, the wreaths are only 1/16 of an inch off center, and we're in the process of writing a new Christmas carol.


lightly said...

wait, hold on one damn minute, you made the poor lad suffer because something was a tack off center, are you crazy woman.
no one give a fly pork chop that its off center.
but i tell you one thing, you man has really got to love you to put up with that horse pucky

Pam said...

Oh, lightly, you are so funny. Yes, he does love me and I love him too. I made it up to him later. I fixed him pork chops for dinner.

Sue said...

My poor papa! He blusters a lot, but you know he really loved it!

I love you!

Pamela Beers, M.S. Ed. said...

Thanks for the comment, Sweet Sue. I love the word "bluster". It's oh so descriptive. I love you too!